Welcome Art lovers…


I am a self-taught artist based in South CentralĀ  Bohemia, The Czech Republic.

I was brought to art thanks to some lucky and also some unlucky circumstances… I am grateful for all of them now for allowing me to create whole new life. I find the beauty of drawing in its tranquility, focus, and perception. I am drawn to the elusiveness of a motion flow which then I depict in its peak moment and so create an atmosphere of stillness and balanced emotions. My drawings consist of mostly figurative and nature-inspired work. I believe in great ideas that become roots which form the reality around us.

You can see more about my inspiration and the process in my blog where I also write about my endeavours as a self-taught artist. You can also get connected to my facebook page or get instantly inspired by my studio updates on instagram . For more about my career go to my brief bio.


Online galleries

At the moment I display my artworks in Saatchi Art online gallery where you will be redirected once clicking on the “view available artwork” button in my gallery. Then on my Saatchi profile, you can order artworks available for prints and also originals. All usefull information about the purchasing process and services you can find in the “For Buyers” section on Saatchi Art support pages.