I am Štěpánka [Shtiepa:nka],

Originally, I come from The Czech Republic. I also travelled a bit and gathered some corporation job experience. I am currently living in my home town in South-Central Bohemia. I have been regularly updating stepankapavlikova.com sites since 2016. They were initially created as a showroom of my unintentional creations to distill what I see around me. Then I added the digital form I love to learn and explore and now I enjoy how they are developing with every finished work to become an inspiration for further projects.

I like to illustrate wellness and well-being themes:

relaxation, mind and beauty, fitness, food and eating and natural living all as a part of healthy lifestyle which can become a passion. These are my personal taste of interest but I am very open to any editorial project that comes up suitable for both sides.

My second portfolio is dedicated to soft pastels and charcoal original artworks in which you can find expression of my own perception of surrounding environment.

I am a self-taught artist and I use the environment elements as objects of my focus. This way I learn with every project theme context some new interactions, and possibilities for a visual concept.

If you would like to see more of what´s happening around my creation you can follow me on the social media below. More about my career see in my Bio. And if you would like to contact me with any request or just to say hello, you are welcome on:

E-mail: stepanka.p@outlook.com