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Artworks Installation In a Hospitality Facility

At the beginning of the Summer I got a message from my friend. She wrote me about her nice idea and a great opportunity for me to use walls at a hotel facility where she works as an operating manager.

We had already talked about an exhibition earlier this year. This time though the idea has seemed to incline more to its realization.

At first I thought I certainly can put my artworks together. Just hang them appropriately, in a nice place, on large walls. Without a much of a hustle : )

A context makes the frame

The conversation continued and I got more excited. I learned more about the place in a historical centre of one of the large touristic cities of The Czech Republic. And also the managements focus on cooperation with farmers to serve organic meals right from the local market.

The preparation – framing, administrative work, contract and delivery time were all set in a month. During this month I learned few new things and discovered my own decision making abilities which I wouldn´t have even thought about without managing all this myself.

At the actual place when I entered I became realizing the space itself. Mainly that the facility has been already designed tastefully and that my work in this case becomes a purpose of another level. How the people who enter this room will look at these artworks. What does it bring to them while they are here. What are they doing here…

I brought my personal works  which unintentionally matched in some areas of the space so we created cosy and comfortable atmosphere where it had been lacking.

Although I have had already some ideas and reference for further series I work on. I am going to take the interior styles and trends in consideration as I feel the design principles apply everywhere which gives me more inspiration and more elements ideas I may include in my work.



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