Lifestyle in and out of the city

It is the city culture and the innovative way of cities that brings the artistic sense to their streets so not only the tourists can experience its cultural aesthetics and enjoyable atmosphere. I like to visit big cities for this concentrate feel. Fast and intense feed of anything you choose to get inspired. But then I love even more leaving the city swirls and busy life behind, heading to my source of inspiration.

“Out of the Big City” Girl

Everybody loves being social, the busy lifestyle that asks for sharing our original way of being, though most of the people dream of the beach house view and quiet sounds of superior calmness of natural paradise. There is always an equilibrium of dualities. Big cities give and take. From my perspective, I have never settled down in the big city for its lack of trees. Now I also stand on halfway from my dream paradise. It is just not the same as the one I would enjoy on a two-weeks holiday after half a year of hard work.

Living near forest allows me to draw inspiration for my work which keeps me motivated every day. SP

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