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Take an action


Taking an action to get inspired is a part of the job.


When I dreamt about how I would like to spend my day,  it was easy but when it came to the point it  became quite difficult to get from the discipline mode to the artistic.

I think this is something that doesn’t come naturally without realizing what one is doing – bit of professionalism here right 😉

For some it might sound crazy, but if you realize that all that was just fun and free time activity and now it is becoming a part of my job, the change of mind set is amazing

“I just sat down to my computer and try to focus on the thoughts I collected during my morning inspiring exploration. I soaked all the colours in fresh spring light and smelled the sweet scents of blossoms and suddenly I am back in my “living room studio” writing post to describe these impressive moments of my creative process…”

Funny enough, I recall myself working in one corporation business department when I went for a few hours business trip after which I  sat down in my office to write a report into the system… Sounds similar? …not at all.  SP

In search for exhibition opportunities

Visiting The amateur art fair in Kotelna gallery Říčany – Prague outskirts

There is this friendly and aproachable gallery I found almost straight away while I was searching for tips on how I could ever show my artworks offline when I live in a small town where despite the promissing future in terms of infrastructure and cultural events, there is rather none than any possible or in some way useful options to get public feedback.

Utilizing the pleasing with the useful

I took the chance of this event as an explorative one and arranged for a nice afternoon with my friend so there was also another critique eye to add some insights to my effort…

It was really nice that the opening was set up on Saturday 2p.m. and so the gallery filled up with friendly audience all enthusiastically looking around at mix of artworks that proudly represents local amateur scene.

I think it will be a pleasure to put a reminder in my calendar for next year with a note “book a place to exhibit”. SP