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Offline experience awakens the creativity in you

There is always something to look for every day, such as weather forecast… We open our laptops or swipe a finger over the phone display yet in the comfort of the bed half woke up.

Offline or online. Where does your inspiration come from?

Only a few of us would really open a window or go out to the garden to find out how the clouds are moving to decide what to wear when the internet does such a great service for us.

Offline experience awakens the creativity in you

Being offline means putting more effort into even the simplest things. Unrealized, being inspired and attracted by constant online pop-ups that are there to remind us of our intentions we cannot measure with what the true experience is. It´s becoming scares as never because, blinded by the light of ever developing technology, it has become too hard to do.

Imagine you are about to find a creative solution for some challenging task without using the internet and instead use your own memory. The mind seems trained for massive waves of information that suddenly does not have, and is looking for something to refresh the new connections.

It is like old books that are sitting on the shelf no longer for their content. When you switch offline they become needed again and you can be happy for having good titles to read.

This idea brought me to how likely there are many artworks that have become pieces of decoration and that people live passing the actual content of other people’s creations and so they miss the opportunity of real experience.

In my view, the difference between an online and an offline inspiration is extraordinary in the ability of the viewer to see the value and realization of his own values in comparison. Which then can result in one´s decisions. SP