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Why I create my drawings

Realizing the little moments that tell a lot about one’s desires

I have searched creativity in everything I have ever done since I was a child. In a profession, I got, of course, “kinda bored” by making complicated databases, graphs and company presentations…
Although I got opportunities to work in a creative business, where I was hoping for fulfilling my creative desires, the reality showed differently…  Once participating in a big international decoration fair, walking through the artists´/designers´ exhibition hall and seeing all the people showing their work, I felt my heart beat differently from where I had been putting my energy to.

Art, for me, is a way of being. I think it´s true that artists don´t choose to be artists. Art is everywhere and in everything. Being the one who creates must come naturally from everything around, developing every possible skill to form the thoughts flow into an original… SP

Turning discomfort into inspiration 

My yoga mosaic series made me, even more, thinking of what I have been doing and keeps giving me an unexpected lesson.

The inspiration is besides other things the strength of how to cope.

Not always people react how I guess creative people and especially entrepreneurs would react in conversation on creativity, self-esteem, and perseverance… And sometimes it feels almost painful to bear the weight of skepticism… At this point, the mentioned creativity is the most powerful tool to turn these feelings of discouragement and disappointment to a reasonable understanding that some people are here to remind that there are other kinds of mind that are motivated by other things… I work with ideas and it is not possible to talk about them easily and with anybody…They need to see : ) and maybe then…. they will see. SP