Stepanka is Czechia (EU) based illustrator and pattern designer finding her inspiration in nature-lifestyle and craftsmanship beauty connections using drawing techniques for the hand-touch feel and soft natural texture of graphite. Creating black and white drawings delivering a tender sophisticated style illustrations as well as base motifs for her digitally colorized designs bringing up characteristics of unique environment that pulls the viewers’ attention into the ambience of her illustrations. 

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Mulled wine label


Stepanka illustrates lifestyle motifs connected with nature, inviting the viewer to perceive the content’s craft and natural quality.



Surface pattern designs

S.P.’s collections are developed with a modern style view and nature connection in mind. Natural-soft color palette builds up to her designs’ tender look that paired with her detailed drawings creates a sophisticated touch to the final application.

Hand drawn motifs

Hand-drawn art and digital variability

Stepanka has developed her realistic drawing skills using mainly graphite which is her favorite medium using her practice-tested tools to render a crisp lively motifs allowing for digital coloring and compositing workflow.


Well Perceived Blog

From initial journal writing and inspiration documenting Well Perceived became a thriving place of wellness lifestyle ideas not only serving as an outlet of SP design work but also an inspiration for women to find nature connections to their everyday life creativity.

Lifestyle inspiration
Stepanka Pavlikova