Stepanka Pavlikova is Czechia (EU) based illustrator and surface pattern designer finding her inspiration in wellness and lifestyle connections using drawing techniques for the hand-touch feel and soft natural texture of graphite. Creating black and white drawings delivering a tender sophisticated style illustrations and motifs for digitally colorized designs bringing up elegant and artful characteristics of the subject that pulls the viewers’ attention into the ambience of her illustrations. 

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Spring Food Lettering Illustration


Stepanka illustrates nature connected, food, wellness and lifestyle, seasonal concepts, inviting the viewer to perceive the content’s natural power and craft quality.

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Surface pattern designs

S.P.’s collections are being developed with trends and nature connection in mind. Natural soft color palettes add a tender look and pair with detailed drawings to create a sophisticated touch to the final application.

Hand drawn motifs

Hand-drawn art and digital variability

Stepanka has developed her realistic drawing skills using mainly graphite which is her favorite medium using her practice-tested tools to render a crisp lively motifs allowing for digital coloring and compositing workflow.


Well Perceived Blog

From initial journal writing and inspiration documenting, Well Perceived is becoming a thriving place, serving as an outlet for SP design inspiration and bringing up ideas for women to discover their creativity skills for intentional “life-styling” towards wellness.

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Stepanka Pavlikova