I am ŠTĚPÁNKA [SHTIEPA:NKA], an illustrator living in The Czech Republic.

I love to draw inspiration from the natural character of subjects in simple connections of thoughtfully chosen elements that may transform into a scene with a unique atmosphere with the aim to capture the true essence of wellness quality and story behind.

My primary background is in business and international relations this brought me to several years of experience working from corporate to small sized businesses and teaching English as a second language. I lived in Ireland for several years, traveled a bit and developed a sense for how different people take up information from various contexts and visual representations of meanings.


I have always been driven by a positive imagination and senses. This is why I delved into my creativity and designer practice which I have been focusing on since 2016. I gained graphic experience within a corporate team and as a product retoucher. Currently, I focus on building S.P. signature style that delivers an elegant feel and is able to communicate the nature connection, wellness lifestyle and craft behind product values.

I feel the challenge of progress with each project that enables me to fulfill my career goals and build up on every new experience.

If you feel I can help you with drawing the connection to your natural quality send me an e-mail at:

stepanka (at) stepankapavlikova.com

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I always appreciate hearing from you. I read all e-mails regularly and reply as soon as I can.

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