I am ŠTĚPÁNKA [shtiepa:nka], an illustrator living in The Czech Republic.

I love to draw inspiration from the natural, realistic character of subjects which I may, with thoughtfully chosen elements, transform into an illustration with an atmosphere that captures true essence of quality, elegance and a uniqueness of an environment.

My primary background is in business and international relations this brought me to my experience working from large companies to small businesses and teaching English as a second language after living in Ireland for several years, I also love traveling and experiencing different cultures which helped me to develop a sense for how people take up information in various contexts and learn to use my curiosity about observing different environments.

I have always been driven by a positive imagination and senses. This is why I delved into developing my creative skills and practiced traditional painting and drawing for several years which crystallized my passion for realistic drawing while I was learning digital illustration to be able to blend these into my work practice.
Last couple of years I have gained experience in a clothing company graphic team currently as a senior product retoucher and have been developing my illustration portfolio for commissions that deliver an elegant feel and that communicate lifestyle with nature connection and wellness concepts.


I feel the challenge of progress with each project that enables me to fulfill my career goals and build upon every new experience.
If you feel I can help you with drawing the connection to your natural quality send me an e-mail at:

stepanka (at) stepankapavlikova.com

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I always appreciate hearing from you. I read all e-mails regularly and reply as soon as I can.

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