I’m Štěpánka [Shtiepa:nka],

an artist, illustrator and author of the Well Perceived blog, inspired by wellness lifestyle  drawing the way to a relaxed and balanced life through an insightful perspective of the creative process.

my inspiration


Relaxed and balanced life is my personal aim for living and so a natural source for anything I set myself up to create to uplift the perception of individuality and through which I explore up to date topics to enhance wellness values from a close up perspective I am able to bring through my creative process.

your ideas


I draw and write to inspire your personal environment enhancement, to embrace the holistic wellness endeavours, to build a better sense for conscious choices and decisions for your well-being investments and everyday life balancing habits.

  • that my strength lies in my explorative mind and ever evolving wellness journey passion,

  • that ideas can be a great asset when we learn how to bring them to life to experience them and form them for own way of living,

  • that wellness is our state of experiencing moments using memories from environments we learn from.

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When I was eighteen I was diagnosed with asthma. I took it as a part of life but not yet understood that people around me didn´t actually realise how little is enough to “stop breathing”. I didn’t give it much of importance even later, through moving to Ireland and a few years later coming back home. I still used the prescribed medication just as I was told. Every single day. While I had been living unsettled life I couldn’t notice until I started living the typical routine of a corporate office job.  I felt repeating the same pattern of fulfilling expectations of others as they would be prescribed to me. Like I wouldn’t have another choice.

“A constant discomfort is something we can get used to and no one can notice.”

Giving myself the time and little changes to my everyday routines I came to simplicity of seeing things as they are instead of how they appear. My love for drawing, yoga, my explorative trips and something as simple as cooking and being organised about life helped me not to stop wandering in my mind. I became cautious of appealings and conscious of the way I make choices. Making notes of  thoughts and expressions  became a part of my creative process and so I started the Well Perceived blog as a natural progression of my personal growth and work. Today I focus  on writing to uplift the values you have maybe not yet discovered or find a new perspective on your own experience. This way I found infinite inspiration for illustrations you can find in the articles, growing an illustration portfolio, and continual series of artworks.

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