5 Questions to inspire your work by your lifestyle

Work-life balance is a great topic everyone seems to deal with balancing it. And I am no exception.

So I compared the interest in the Work and Life topics individually online. I found there is just a slight difference but Life is still the bigger set.

Naturally, we are trying to fit Work within our Lifes as some set of activities that are not so often in harmony with the other bigger, life part of activities.

Scales-black and white-realistic-hand-drawn-illustration
Your Work, Your Life – illustration by Stepanka Pavlikova
“There is no job for you…”

I was told once by one of my good friends and it became an initiator for me taking seriously what I had been figuring out since I left high school. My life interests were simply not aligned with the job options.

Have you tried to use your “work” activities in Your Life?
And if you did what do these activities have in common so you do them with joy? Is that the money that the activities bring you?

“Your work is going to be a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.”

Steve Jobs

1. What is work actually?

Basically, it is your effort using your own brain or muscles with some intention that you visualize for yourself.

You use the brain and muscles every day, intuitively. But the last thing – the intention is making it a bit tricky.

Intention can be yours or someone else´s, either way, it is always good to know as much as you can about what role you are in.

I have learned to put anything and anyone I come into contact, or relation if you want, in a specific concept of interaction a quick realisation why I am standing there and what to expect from it or what I am willing to give it.

What is that makes you unsuitable for a certain role?

You. And there is nothing bad about it.

It´s up to you deciding how the place you are spending the most of your time looks, and how the time when you are expected to give the best out of yourself, will be used by others.

2. Do you decide about your workplace and the activities you do best?

Decision and career is a scary couple of words – can you even decide about such a thing?

You will likely agree that it is not a momentary action that happens fast.

There comes your focus on yourself and not on the options that occur for you or anyone that is expecting you to become an image they need to paint pink in their minds about you.

I learned that people react with interest in other’s own decisions even they don’t agree, usually because they can´t see the result up front.

Curiosity does magic.

When you are certain about what you are going to do there is no need for excuses. It´s not about the result or an image. It is the way you are doing Your activities in Your Life.

3. Are you working in the right environment?

When you feel that you can´t move to a better role, but if you are certain about own skills and abilities it’s not about You. It’s about you within an environment.

There is a realisation moment at which knowing and being skilful will lead to over-qualifying on a certain level when you never see yourself taking a step forward there.

The environment is an important element for you. It is the space in which you develop, understand its relations and where you want to evolve.

Step back and figure out your intentions, if you need a space to see it.

“Step back” illustration by Stepanka Pavlikova

Yes, it has something to do with own self-realization

4. Opportunity or ability, which will be your priority?

Opportunities arise from many different environments, to see just search for phrases that describe your intentions.

But are the opportunities of the right value to use your true abilities?

Skipping this scales measure is the fastest thing that happens when money decides about your step forward unless you just want to spend some time getting more experience without putting in more effort on such a role.

Clarity on what you are doing and why is invaluable, although there is not always a good enough opportunity to put your effort in.

You will either learn or move towards your desire.

5. Does your background suit the purpose of your role?

Knowing yourself is the number one skill that will always help you decide about putting yourself in scenarios whether they were created by you or by others.

There are too many things happening around you that you cannot see, predict and stop. Things that are simply not related just now.

Experience is your best friend, so every step you have made until now is never wasted.

You motivate yourself by seeing options that are proposed by an opportunity, once you have a solid background of own reflection.

How far will you go by learning from it or putting your abilities in play?

Recall your experience, make a plan for yourself based on your best intentions.

Set goals that will keep you alert when you are about to decide on the next step to your desire.


Work means your abilities in a form of activities that you focus on specific goals you set for yourself in a chosen environment.

The work you do can have a variety of characteristics and is given names by the fields it relates to. In fact, work is a set of activities that describe the role assigned to you. By you or by someone else.

Your decisions about your work depend on your knowledge, experience and ability to use them.

There are always some opportunities that are trying to persuade you about better ways of doing what you desire.

Being able to recognise what you want is a valuable skill to avoid being persuaded for a temporary fortune unless it is a step you take as a learning experience.

Using own experience and actual intentions as a guide in unpredictable situations are the best decision-makers for progress.

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