A forest walk wake-up: how nature’s bounty becomes scarce

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I love spending time outdoors. Sometimes we only get a little break to do nothing but breathing fresh air and enjoying the time outside.

Living in the middle of Europe I can’t complain about the reach to forests and parks to relax. I can go literally minutes by walk to the nearest “wilderness”. So I went last Saturday. You know you wake up in the morning. Weekend ahead. A perfect time to disconnect from the hustle during the week. Although I hadn’t even thought of any work I still had an image in my mind what great shoots I could take for my Insta to share with you.

Enjoying the time in nature

I grew up in a small town and have been spending time away from the town exhaustion any time possible. Even it would feel nothing compared to living in a big city. I got a little surprised and must admit that what used to be is changing constantly. Sometimes we forget the stories that friends told many times. Not paying attention to them until you experience it on your skin.

My delight about living near nature got poisoned when I arrived a few steps from the forest edge. I couldn’t walk over the trash without thinking of its owner and how we were raised with love to the nature around. What’s more important than noticing that the colourful plastic biscuit cover fell off my pocket? Or worse not bothering to bring own trash to the nearest bin?

Pick up not only your trash

The situation got to a point where we cannot care only about taking care of own plastic leftovers. I went for a walk this time just to relax. Usually, I would take a bag or basket to pick some forest fruit or mushrooms. A few minutes later I hadn’t had to regret. There I found a clean plastic shopping bag taken away by the wind. Simply perfect for the rest of my morning walk.

The takeaway

The same I was told the whole of my childhood. You are visiting a forest – behave with respect. I would apologize for those who don’t care if I could. Next time I will come with an extra bag not to leave any trash, walking over it, behind me.

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