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I made a little observation on my way to improve the workflows I set for myself as a creator lately and have been noticing those little things that have an impact on my productivity. I relate this post to you – creative entrepreneurs whether you think you are creative or not because sooner or later you become one anyway. Once you move away from the laptop that holds your attention in the virtual world. You realise the workspace is becoming broader. From there you need to feed your concentration.

For the several roles, I assigned for myself to achieve the lifestyle business flow I find myself working everywhere on the go and in every room in my home. I think how we work on the ideal workday is a kind of a side decision that is hanging there all the time – it is the lifestyle of it. I belive it reflects on our results and confidence to become a professional in any field. By developing your style of work you are becoming a creative whether you intended to or not.

Your space

It’s a space in your home, you live there, and you incorporate the work into your life as well as the life in your work. When I first started to thinking about working from home I thought it will be easy than it actually is. I saw only all the benefits you see at the first glance. To come up with and keep serving a purpose you develop is nothing simple. Especially at the beginning when you still might have the employee mindset.

I began working on what I loved – from drawing to painting. Once I noticed that my space has limits when I wanted to make a painting studio in my living room where I also have to eat and rest I quickly realized I need to shift my focus on something more manageable. It also helped me to see other options I could work on and grow my skills. Since than taking care of my working surroundings became a repeating cycle of learning and improving.

Living by myself it is ovbvious that things will change. And so I need to plan for own studio in the future : ) to keep the working ecosystem a bit more separated once sharing the home with other inhabitants. I like to work in every room of my home. I like the way of using my comfortable areas for tasks, that I don’t need to be sitting by the desk. Like now writing this post from a couch looking around to see what it is that makes me feel good at home as well as motivated for work when I need.

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On one side I am aiming for not having much clutter at home, as an artist on the other side I need to have my art supplies always at hand especially when working on a project I have all sketches and stages of the work in front of me so I can see the progress. That’s how I work. By all means, a space large enough so you can operate your business is worth.

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Your needs

Whether you use your living areas or separate your workspace is up to your lifestyle and how you want to be perceived by your prospects.

When you need to invite somebody it is good to have a separate room where the clients feel comfortable. I used to teach English at home and I felt I had to subordinate my personal space to the teaching room purpose. It depends on the character of your business.

Every room has its specifics when used for living. Be a bit mindful about the needs and you can convert every corner of your home to a productive one. They can be an extra bedroom, kitchen corner, dining room, garage, attic or basement.

Other fancy ideas

I try to use different tools to motivate myself to work. I love that I don’t have to keep a dress code. It might be something funcy like wearing a hood when I need to concentrate. I also found I get to a working mode when I put on my studio apron. The same as when you go cooking. Different tasks need a different mindset.

I believe everyone can find own rituals that will help them get working faster at home than in a formal office. You can make your favourite drink in the morning to kick start your day the same way at home as well as in the office but how often would you practice your asanas in the office or go for a short run to give yourself an active break when you feel like one.

Do everything to help yourself feeling relaxed and motivated in your workspace and when you feel guilty about the mess from the previous day – clean it up. Make it a routine and love your space for what it does for you. I am grateful for having my own space where I can absorb its inspiration from previous projects.

There is always something new entering your home with every season. Every time you open the window. Take an advantage of the natural elements, let the air in to bring freshness to your work. Get connected to the actual life outside rather than closing yourself in. Never forget to take breaks they are sometimes more important than working on something that is overthought.

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