My First Artworks Installation Experience

Vltava-River-Horseshoe Artwork_Installation

Good relationships bring good things. For me, it turned in an opportunity to install and expose some of my work at a hotel facility.

One might think to put some artworks together, hang them appropriately, on a large wall and that’s it without much of a hustle.

I met my now a good friend Lucie by chance one day started a conversation finding out we had a lot in common.
After few months later she contacted me with an idea to hang my art for some time in a hotel she started working as a manager.

Context is a frame

The conversation continued and I got more excited. I learned about the place in the historical centre of one of the large touristic cities in The Czech Republic, České Budějovice. And also the managements’ focus on cooperation with farmers to serve organic meals right from the local market.

Artworks prepared for installation
Artworks preparation for installation © Stepanka Pavlikova

I liked that as I am excited about cooperation with organic brands.
And so I was ready to do that.

Realisation foundations

The preparation – framing, administrative work, contract and delivery time were all set in a month through which I learned a few new things and discovered my own decision making abilities which I wouldn´t have even thought about without managing all this myself.

Looking back I would go visit the place first to see it in real not relying only on photos for better understanding the concept of the business.

At the actual place when I entered to see the space itself I realised that the facility has been already tastefully designed and that my work becomes a purpose of another level.

Design synergy

I had prepared two sets of art pieces. One set from the Transform series to use on separate walls and one customised series of small close ups Bull illustrations to create an art wall in the entrance stair way. There where other pieces that we didn’t place to keep the context clean.

Artworks preparation for installation
Artworks prep for installation ©Stepanka Pavlikova

Opening all the artworks and seeing them in the space was the first thing I got excited. To find the place for each of them so they fit in nicely. Discuss what the visitors usually do in each room and decide about the suitability of the works.

During several hours with some muscle help the installation came to a successful ending.

It was a great experience and I would like to thank Lucie and the management of Naše Farma Hotel for the nice cooperation.

I got some very warm feedback from the visitors during the time of the exposition which I value so much.

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My Artworks Installation Experience
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