Preparing my Self for a Seasonal change Through An Autumn decoration

I know that the colourful season that everyone is talking about now is not that visible in every corner of the globe. But the change happens in many ways everywhere. Here in the little corner of a hilly land of middle Europe, Nature turns in an artwork I never get bored of. Anywhere you are its time to look around. You should be able to see things moving. Take time noticing and I promise it moves you too.

woman in fild of tall grass

All that needs to be done around the house, at home and even (or especially) the business before the winter comes together with the last quarter of the year. By being a bit conscious you can enjoy life through embracing the change. Try to bring all it gives to you to your environment and work.

I see sustainability in connection with natural motions. Not ignoring what’s happening around and accept the obvious with a bit of smart touch.
The final result of your decoration is a cherry on top of what’s happening through the process of you making your home cosy and stylish. When you decide it is the time for getting involved in the decorating wave. Think of what it is that will be the power of this season. Are you on your own or are you going to share it with others? Involvement is a big thing. Don’t be fooled you need others to involve. Going solo is all about involvement.

Get ready and get moving

girl in the kitchen

Is your kitchen filled with pumpkins? You better bake them quick and fill your pantry or freezer. The spicy pumpkin soup will come handy when the winter comes. It’s funny I can’t remember when we would have so many pumpkins at home. At my mom’s kitchen, there was always a lot of veggies preservation even making a barrel of sour kraut.

I am curious what do you remember from your mom’s kitchen and would you manage to do this by yourself? …leave me a comment below.

What can we take away from it? Save the excess for the time we need them.


Heritage is amazing when it comes to developing own habits. Sometimes you can’t even think about doing things the “old” way. But something like old recipes can remind us the true quality and meanings. As an illustrator, I find growing own style is a lot about heritage. I like the fact that to get motivated and original and truly you, you need to look back. Or rather inside. For those traits that reveal the ideas of the decisions that shape your personality.

Enjoy own style

autumn decoration
window floral decoration

I went through a bit of a way developing a relationship with traditional media as well as digital tools that I use in my work. But as with other choices, the skills need tools and they are not only the tangible instruments in your kit.

drawing by a window
A sketch for illustrated FALL lettering see in portfolio

Either way the digital or physical character. You become a developer and your life or business grows with you feeding it.

SP monogram
woman making decoration

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