The Transform collection has began with the idea of perceiving an environment at a certain moment. The composition involves not only the object of perception but the season, the day light, the weather as well as the mood of when being there at the moment.The concept offers endless inspiration and is developing with my experience and lifestyle

Pastel was my choice when I wanted to add colour to my bigger pieces. I love dry medium and soft pastels allow for something feeling like painting. I developed a precise use of charcoal through the Yoga Mosaics series which I aimed for with colour here. At the moment I work on combining dry and wet which brings me to watercolours that are going to be a big part in this series soon.

Impatients pastel drawing
Apple Tree Blossoms pastel drawing
Apple Tree Blossoms
Vltava River Horse Shoe pastel drawing
Vltava River Horse Shoe
Reverse Prayer Pose pastel drawing diptych
Reverse Prayer Pose